Photo by Jeff Wefferson

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sand art of great barrier island

I always loved the concept of art created by a natural collaboration of sand, wind, water, tides and the invisible creative power of life itself. I have stayed on great barrier island (New-Zealand) for extended amounts of time, in my friends guesthouse, that they are so kindly sharing! It's only 400 meters from the beach, and i was a frequent visitor, several hours of the day! Watching the changes in light and tide. The beautiful ocean, an overpowering friend, i became intimately connected with her and her creatures. But this posting is the honoring of the sand-point of view of this beach, i hope to explore more in other postings :-) So here.. the art, visible from the sand-grains

Amazing what the ocean has to offer, a sea-dog?

some jellyfish

loving shells (that's just my 'romantic' mind making that up)

the golden sand-maiden

human joining in the art project


Blue bottle jeffyfish

flower foot

perfect circle

aaah.. love the colors



when the colored shells came in

big storm came through


MF said...

Hey, nice pics. Are they yours?

BlueAquaticSnoezieQ said...

hey, absolutely all my own photos here
Thank you for coming by ;-)

Wadjella Yorga said...

these are wonderful!

Katerina Atkinson said...

Beautiful pictures Lisbeth. It's about time you came back to the Garriwerd, springtime is here. And so is Jeff. I met him recently and bought a couple of his rocks. You are a couple of very talented people. Hope to meet you too. Katia