Photo by Jeff Wefferson

Friday, March 23, 2012

Flowers of Gariwerd

"Reading the country was once essential to Aboriginal people’s survival. It has become something of a lost art, which is a great pity.  Mostly natural processes are slow and subtle and remain unseen and ignored. The danger is that by failing to pay attention to the forces, large and small, which shape our landscapes, not only do the landscapes suffer but we are impoverished in spirit ourselves." John Landy

One of my favorite places in Australia (there is a list of those) is Gariwerd, or they also called it The Grampians. It's quite easy to get to from Melbourne, by train, bus, train, bus, … or just simply by tumb! (if you have no car)

Because we hitch-hike everywhere, it is harder to get to the remoter places, and that's why I have only seen a tiny part of Gariwerd, but of what I have seen, and how many times I have been there, and have just sat there, listening to the cries of the Cockatoos.. feeling the vibes of the place, I do know her well.

There is a very beautiful photographic book of Gariwerd, which I bought on my very first visit. (the quote in beginning of the post is from the forward of this book)

I have returned many times, and on my last visit, I spend two weeks there, in the Halls Gap campground (on the closed area, which was empty and quiet! Not packed like sardines between huge caravans, or noisy campers, where TV's are running day and night.. bah!)
During the walks I did in june and late november I saw so many wildflowers: tiny and beautiful, and so intricate. So here a posting to honour some of them beauties!
(when I zoom in of the photos, I am in awe of their beauty!)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aotea and the Sea

a creation out of love for the edge of the sea

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sand art of great barrier island

I always loved the concept of art created by a natural collaboration of sand, wind, water, tides and the invisible creative power of life itself. I have stayed on great barrier island (New-Zealand) for extended amounts of time, in my friends guesthouse, that they are so kindly sharing! It's only 400 meters from the beach, and i was a frequent visitor, several hours of the day! Watching the changes in light and tide. The beautiful ocean, an overpowering friend, i became intimately connected with her and her creatures. But this posting is the honoring of the sand-point of view of this beach, i hope to explore more in other postings :-) So here.. the art, visible from the sand-grains

Amazing what the ocean has to offer, a sea-dog?

some jellyfish

loving shells (that's just my 'romantic' mind making that up)

the golden sand-maiden

human joining in the art project


Blue bottle jeffyfish

flower foot

perfect circle

aaah.. love the colors



when the colored shells came in

big storm came through

Friday, March 2, 2012

Misty Marian

We spent 5 days camping at the shore of this lake, in Fiordland nz. Just sitting still, watching.. Rain came and went, mist was our friend.. and the albatross flew by :-)