Photo by Jeff Wefferson

Monday, February 20, 2012

Flinders Island

We arrived on Flinders Island on the 18th of june 2011. Arni picked us up on the boat ramp, and we were pretty tired after a 12 hour boat ride. But the island and area in the ocean, has a feeling.. a feeling of remoteness, and `back-in-time-ness`, which I, so far, have never felt anywhere else.

We drove `Balarnia-wise`, and after an hour and a half, we finally arrived. The place felt familiar, tough odd at the same time. I felt like a stranger entering another country. But had a comforting feeling at the same time, an underlying excitement of not knowing `what's to come`, but at the same time knowing it was going to be awesome.

We slept on the bottom floor of the guesthouse – which was dirty and the possums had been playing around here for 10 months apparently.. (why would they do that, there was no food around)

I had to clean the kitchen before I could cook something, and everything had to go fast, because daylight was shortening.

Finally dinnertime, and dark.. Dark, but alive! I was amazed by the ear-deafening frog-concert, and finally used this as a lullaby to fall asleep with. Several times during the night I woke up, because it felt like something was missing. Where all all the impulsing electricity frequencies, microwave radiations? Nothing there.. my brain was literally relaxing, and this is one of those moments in live I will never forget.

The time on the island became a mind-blowing experience, so intimately connected with everything around, which diverted from ocean to beach, to birds of the oceans to birds of the land, to rocks, to lichens, to dolphins and whales.. to wind, storm and sunshine and rainbows and mist. The gardens. Plants to nurture and love and talk to.. giving life and receiving it, and inspiration, a lot of inspiration.

The smells of the early mornings, mixed with the fragrant woodsmoke of our fire, the colours of the sun rising in the sky, with birdsongs reaching crescendos and dying down..Dewdrops on the tips of the flowers, creating miniscule mirrors that reflect the beauty several times, several directions. The day begins and it is exciting.. and I feel happy, like a child before its birthday. Every day was an adventure, and the memories now have so many feelings to go along with.. that it will be hard to ever forget

Here some of the ART i did there

`Travelers.. high in the sky,
in the depths of the sea
all travel far and wide
while singing their songs,
reaching the stars..
to maintain, and BE LIFE`

Painted bowl with rock on top

Star flower

Cosmic sitting experience

Enlightened man
on wooden plate

Kokopelli`s dream
on tile

Running Hopi Man
on tile



Wadjella Yorga said...

Gorgeous work BASQ...

Wadjella Yorga said... that a drum - above the chair image?
Love it!

BlueAquaticSnoezieQ said...

Thanks Wadjella Yorga, you`re my first follower, i feel honored :-)
The starflower is not a drum unfortunately.. hihi, it`s a pizza platter, cheese platter people say.. i didn`t know what it was, but found it laying around on the island where we stayed.... a drum would be great to paint!!
Thanks for comments!

Wadjella Yorga said...

sounds the new images